Scrap happy rainbow quilt

Hello. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy following my journey, playing with fabric, colour and quilts.


A friend suggested a great way to manage all  those scraps that accumulate is to arrange them by colour. I find that I end up sorting in rainbow order.


One of my favourite ways to piece together small bits is to make crazy squares. They came together quickly into 12″ squares.


In order to make the flow of colour I had started to visualize, I decided to chop all these squares into 4. Many more small squares helped to blend from one colour to the next.


And now the fun of playing with actual layout. This is what I settled on in the end.


And finally piecing it all together. I ended up quilting in a giant swirl to emphasize movement in the colour blend.


I backed this quilt in thick fleece. There is no batting in this one, as I find heavy fleece adds enough thickness.

The binding is made up of scrap strips of blues to keep with the theme.

Hope this inspires you to use up some of your scraps. There are always more scraps and it feels great to use them up. Especially since that is where quilting started so long ago.

Playing with colour and quilts